The Community Service Award is offered to a Hudson Valley teen (freshman, sophomore or junior) who is committed to social justice and community service. The award is awarded for work carried out in the Hudson Valley or in Nepal. Each year up to two awards are offered to students who demonstrate a willingness to serve others in our community.

In 2018 we award two young people from the Onteora Central School District for their project to purchase and deliver books to hospitalized youth. Emily Roberts and Sophia Peck arranged the project on their own, reading books to hospitalized young people in the Hudson Valley and in Brooklyn.

“In this project, bringing smiles to the faces of kids in hospitals was our mission. These children have gone through more than a child ever should, making the preservation of their youth through reading extremely important. Bringing books to children in hospitals opened my eyes to all the change that can be made. We hope to continue donating books and doing readings to continue spreading the joy of reading. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity.”
-Emily, Scholarship Recipient

“This experience was one of the most heartwarming experiences of my life. It was amazing to connect with the patients and see their pleasure as we read to them. We had some difficult times as we were carrying on average 100 books a day around the city. But the smiles of every person we read to more than made up for the hard work. I hope to do a project like this very soon, to continue spreading happiness through reading.”
-Sophia, Scholarship Recipient

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Community Service Award