Tim Mousseau on Combating Sexual Violence

December 9, 2021
The Denizen Theatre
New Paltz, NY

“We need to understand the language we use; for example there is a difference between ‘are you ok with this’ and ‘how do you feel about this’ in terms of asking consent.”
– Tim Mousseau

On December 9, 2021, we held our fall community program for the public. Nationally recognized educator and speaker, Tim Mousseau, came to New Paltz and spoke with educators, teens, parents and community members about issues around consent, sexual violence prevention, and more. We are so grateful to Tim for sharing and creating a safe space for all attendees.⠀


“Thank you for having this discussion; I am eager to bring this back to my family.”

“I really appreciate that the Maya Gold Foundation is willing to bring this topic into the community.”

– Attendees from the Parents and Community Members session

“As a school social worker I see this issue played out in school every day. It is really challenging to see girls pressured to perform and deliver.”

“How can we bring his awareness to our young people? I think they desperately want to find other ways to be together.”

– Attendees from the Educators and School Staff session

Solo & Sarah share their thoughts on the session for Teens.