Kevin Briggs

April 4, 2017
SUNY New Paltz Campus

On April 4 the Maya Gold Foundation, in partnership with the SUNY New Paltz Association for Suicide Awareness and Prevention (ASAP), presented noted speaker Sergeant Kevin Briggs to the greater Ulster County community. Kevin shared experiences from his career patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge, and presented lessons learned from his twenty years of service in law enforcement. Kevin travels nationally and internationally to train law enforcement officers on negotiation strategies, and to share stories of hope and redemption with communities.

Kevin spoke to over 60 first responders at the afternoon held on the SUNY campus. This event was designed to address their unique concerns. Representatives of State and Local Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, SUNY Police, the Ulster County Sheriff’s office, and Local Fire Departments took part in the training. At the evening event, Kevin presented to over 220 students and community members. Kevin dispelled some common myths about suicide, shared stories from his career patrolling the bridge, and responded gracefully to audience questions and concerns.

Numerous community organizations were present at the event to share resources with attendees.

Board members from SUNY ASAP and the Maya Gold Foundation joined Kevin Briggs in Lecture Center 100 for his evening presentation to the greater New Paltz Community. Photo Credit: Christopher Allibone