Teen Mental Health First Aid, or tMHFA, is an evidence-based training program for students in grades 10-12 that teaches the skills to recognize and aid their peers experiencing mental health and substance use challenges and crises, including how to quickly get the help of an adult. The tMHFA program is designed to help teens help each other navigate the difficult waters of adolescence. The Maya Gold Foundation believes the teen Mental Health First Aid training is an invaluable resource for teens, especially during these difficult times. The program is offered by Maya Gold Foundation trainers certified by the National Council for Mental Well Being. Teens have the option to become certified in teen Mental Health First Aid upon completion and attendance to all training sessions.

As of December 2022, we have trained over three hundred teens in tMHFA. We are currently working to bring this powerful training program to all teens in the surrounding counties as we expand our outreach. We are offering this training in the community setting after school hours and in both public and private school institutions during the day. Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss bringing the training to your school or community.

After the course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize warning signs that a friend is developing a mental health or substance use challenge.
  • Recognize warning signs that a friend may be experiencing a mental health or substance use
  • Describe how to talk to a friend about mental health and seeking help.
  • Explain when and how to get a responsible adult involved.
  • Discuss where to find appropriate and helpful resources about mental health challenges and
    professional help.
  • Apply the tMHFA Action Plan to help a friend with a mental health or substance use challenge
    or crisis.

“The highlight for me was the intriguing discussions and clarity I gained from the program, for myself and others. Trauma, mental health challenges and crises, and getting help are so misunderstood but I found that it made so much more sense and I realized a lot of new things about my mental health and that of my friends after the program.”

“Overall so much was covered in such a short time and I feel more secure helping my friends and peers through tough situations. A lot of people really need to hear what was said because of stigma around mental health issues.”

“If I ever encounter a situation similar to the scenarios presented during the program, I will know how to handle them in the future.”

“I think that the entirety of the program will have an impact on my life moving forward because I myself am in the process of healing and recovery and this was just another reminder for me that there are things that can help me and that things do get better.”

“It showed how to handle a crisis or friend in crisis in a calm and confident way and it also helped me learn how to be direct with questions.”

“The panic attack, and drug overdose information was very helpful because these are the major issues going on in today’s world.”

“Teen Mental Health First Aid taught me what to do in different situations and when to get an adult.  We worked on spending a lot of time reflecting on self care for ourselves.”

Teen Mental Health First Aid

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