Tools & Teachings for Trying Times

April 2020

The Maya Gold Foundation responds to the COVID19 situation with an online program for teens:
Tools & Teachings for Trying Times.

A Program of the Maya Gold Foundation
Presented by The Art of Human Being

The Maya Gold Foundation’s Community Programs Committee developed an offering for teens to specifically meet their needs during the stay-at-home orders regarding COVID19.
“Tools & Teachings for Trying Times” was launched over Zoom on April 7, 2020. The response from participants has been overwhelmingly positive.

The course was facilitated by Gigi and Mikaela Falk, who have brought a deep connection to this
work. “Our goal is to help others see themselves and the world in novel and eye-opening ways.
Through this Community Program, we explore what “the Art of Human Being” is all about. We
look at what it means to be human and we connect to our humanity by exploring topics like
authentic connection, open-hearted listening, and perspective shifting. We’re planting seeds that
we hope will offer opportunities for greater reflection, authenticity, courage, and passion in daily
life. Ultimately, we’re just sharing what we wish we learned in school,” comments Gigi Falk.