Our Youth Action Team is comprised of over a dozen young people who are committed to the mission of the Foundation. The teens, ranging in ages from 15 to 18, provide insight, guidance and feedback to the Board of the Foundation. They are an important part of our organization, and we value their input. The youth have opportunities for leadership, with their own Executive Committee structure and regular meetings. Youth Action Team members are mentored by Board members on organizational leadership and social action.

“Being accepted on to the Youth Action Team over two years ago is honestly one of the best things that’s happened to me. I’ve learned so much about commitment, dedication, and some of my greatest and closest friendships have come from being a part of this amazing organization. I’m so grateful to have gone to Nepal and hope many more teens have the opportunity!”
-Amelia, Youth Action Team Officer

“Serving on the Youth Action Team is not only about me having a line to put on my resume.  It feels good, too!  There are some weekend days that I wake up and have to go to a meeting.  It’s tough, but then I go and I realize, “I feel good!  I’ve done good work!”
– Soleil Miller, Youth Action Team President

“I entered the Maya Gold Foundation hoping to help others, and that I did. Every event I attended and meeting I took part in truly felt powerful. However, when entering the Foundation, I was not aware of how much I would personally benefit from it. I have taken more away from my family that is the Foundation than I have in all my years of high school.”
-Claudia, Youth Action Team Member


In October 2022 the Youth Action Team envisioned and created a new event for themselves, “Fall Fest 2022”. This group began planning in June and earlier this month they had a successful evening of dance, music, food and fun together at Water Street Market in New Paltz. We are so impressed with them and their commitment to this work.

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