Heart of Gold Adventures 2019 Adult Trip

Why an adult trip to Nepal? Our mission is to “empower youth to access their inner wisdom and realize their dreams”, so people sometimes wonder why we lead an annual adult trip. After our first teen trip we had several (half serious) request from parents. “Can I go?” was a common refrain. The parents saw the effects of the trip on their children and wanted to go as well. We knew that an adult trip was not strictly aligned with our mission, but thought about it in another way. As a non-profit we rely on fundraising and grants to do our work, and the adult trip was conceived as a fundraiser for the Maya Gold Foundation. Essentially, the adult trip is priced to enable us to use some of the fees to offer discounts for the teen trip. So in addition to offering the adults an experience in Nepal, they are supporting the Foundation and making the trip possible for teens. The trip take place each October, and is based on the teen trip with some changes, including a five day trek for all participants. Join our mailing list or use the form below to receive updates on the application process.

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