We work with carefully vetted NGO’s and institutions in Nepal and the USA to support us in our efforts.

our partners


Adhikaar is a non-profit located in Queens, NY that exists to support Nepali speaking survivors of trafficking in the United States. In the fall of 2019 their members visited with our teens and Board in New Paltz for a day of sharing and exchange. We learned about their lives and the issue of labor tafficking.

Himalayan Children’s Charities
HCC is a Nepali NGO based in Kathmandu that provides a home for over 100 young people. We have close relationships with the staff and youth at HCC, and each year when we visit Nepal, the HCC teens join us on our travels in the Kathmandu Valley.

Sisterhood of Survivors Network
SASANE Sisterhood Trekking and Travel has successfully educated and trained 31 trekking guides and over 100 female survivors of trafficking in the culinary and hospitality fields, successfully hosting over 3,000 tourists to Nepal since its inception.

The Rokpa Guest House is our “home base” in Kathmandu. We choose ot support them as the lodging is attached to a Children’s Home, and the young people there learn skills in the hospitality trade at Rokpa. By staying at Rokpa we are supporting the Children’s Home and the futures of the young people living there.

Kathmandu University
Each year we invite professors from KU to meet with our teens and offer short lectures on Nepali Customs and Culture. This is part of our commitment to make the Heart of Gold Adventures a rich and diverse educational experience.

Ganesh Primary and Secondary School
Located in Bhaktapur, a short drive from Kathmandu, we are happy to support this small rural school through direct, onsite service work. The staff and leadership of the Ganesh School have welcomed our teens with open heerts and we love spending time there.

CanHelp Nepal
The leadership of CanHelp Nepal has been instrumental in making connections for us in the Kathmandu Valley. Their work supports Nepali schools and teachers and we are honored to have their support.

Hudson River Playback Theatre
HRPT is an improvisational theatre group based in new Paltz, NY. They are an integral part of our pre-trip planning process. Before our teens leave for Nepal we use the Playback Theatre model to explore concerns and expectations about the trip and help our youth prepare.

Katha Ghera Theatre
By connecting our teens to a Playback Theatre experience in Nepal, we make a connection to their experience in New Paltz with Hudson River Playback Theatre. We offer an open community show in Kathmandu on the last night of our trip where our teens and our Nepali friends come together and share stories in a live, improvisational theatre experience.