Our Youth Action Team is an invaluable part of our organization. We rely on them for input and advice, and help shaping our focus and direction. Each young person is a member of two Board committees and plays a key role in our organizational decision making process. This is a direct way for our organization to put our mission into action. It also puts the youth’s statement of purpose into action by “giving youth a voice.

Amelia Looft
Casper Spring
Caroline Hansen
Dylan Friedman
EJ Schackne-Martello
Elizabeth Roff
Esther Forte
Hanna Beukelman, Vice President
Julia Demskie
Liam Quinn
Lola Warshawsky
Mackenzie McPadden-Gambler
Mae Rogers, Secretary
Melanie Kniffen, Treasurer
Norah Nielson
Olivia Baum
Soleil Miller, President
Sophie Kreisberg
Stella Keskey
Raamina Chowdhury

Youth Action Team Members at Pride in the Park
Youth Action Team Members EJ, Lola, and Julia at “The Candle and the Heart: Dreaming the Future Together”
Youth Action Team members participate in Strategic Planning
Youth Action Team Graduation
youth action team
Committee Meeting with Youth Action Team members