Our Youth Action Team is an invaluable part of our organization. We rely on them for input and advice, and help shaping our focus and direction. Each young person is a member of two Board committees and plays a key role in our organizational decision making process. This is a direct way for our organization to put our mission into action. It also puts the youth’s statement of purpose into action by “giving youth a voice.

Alilynn Pagliuca
Audrey Shannon
Caroline Hansen
Daphne Paul-LaRonca
Dylan Friedman
Esther Forte
Hailey Mattsen
Hanna Beukelman, Vice President
Keira Dolan
Lalita Ma
Lola Warshawsky
Mackenzie McPadden-Gambler
Mae Rogers, Secretary
Melanie Kniffen, Treasurer
Raamina Chowdhury
Rowan Carda
Soleil Miller, President
Stella Keskey

Youth Action Team members visit the Capitol in Albany for a Mental Health Advocacy Day
Youth Action Team Members at Pride in the Park
Youth Action Team Members EJ, Lola, and Julia at “The Candle and the Heart: Dreaming the Future Together”
Youth Action Team members participate in Strategic Planning
Youth Action Team Graduation