Adult Trip to Nepal

Heart of Gold Adventures 2019 Adult Trip Why an adult trip to Nepal? Our mission is to “empower youth to access their inner wisdom and realize their dreams”, so people sometimes wonder why we lead an annual adult trip. After our first teen trip we had several (half serious) request from parents. “Can I go?”

Our Partners

ABOUT:We work with carefully vetted NGO’s and institutions in Nepal and the USA to support us in our efforts. PARTNERS: AdhikaarAdhikaar is a non-profit located in Queens, NY that exists to support Nepali speaking survivors of trafficking in the United States. In the fall of 2019 their members visited with our teens and Board in

Advisory Board

ABOUT:Our Advisory Board is comprised of community members who are able to support our work with their specific expertise and skills. We deeply value their input and assistance. MEMBERS:Ami FixlerCarin CarrClaire WasserDana RudikoffDavid DuklerKaline KellyLisa ChasonMichael RussoRabbi Jonathan KliglerRick AlfandreRobert BardSadie GreenSarah SnowShir Yaakov FeitSteve Casa