2018 Teen Trip

Heart of Gold Adventures 2018 Teen Trip: On our first Heart of Gold Adventures trip in 2018 we brought fifteen teens and six adults to Nepal. The purpose of this inaugural trip was to offer Hudson Valley teens an educational experience that included cultural awareness and appreciation, service to others, and the fun of adventure,

Global Teen Cultural Exchange

Global Teen Cultural Exchange Over fifteen teens came together across three time zones in a virtual “Global Teen Cultural Exchange”.  Teens from Ghana, Nepal, NYC and New Paltz met on Zoom to share about their lives in their home countries, their work with their respective non-profits, and how they are managing during the pandemic. Each teen was part

Tim Mousseau on Combating Sexual Violence

Tim Mousseau on Combating Sexual Violence December 9, 2021The Denizen TheatreNew Paltz, NY “We need to understand the language we use; for example there is a difference between ‘are you ok with this’ and ‘how do you feel about this’ in terms of asking consent.”– Tim Mousseau On December 9, 2021, we held our fall

Why Nepal

People often ask us “why Nepal?” The answer to this question lays in the mission of the Maya Gold Foundation, and Maya’s dream to end human sexual trafficking. In the spring of 2014, as an eighth grader, Maya visited India with her family, and spent time at Binapini Ashram in West Bengal. She was in

Adult Trip to Nepal

Heart of Gold Adventures 2019 Adult Trip Why an adult trip to Nepal? Our mission is to “empower youth to access their inner wisdom and realize their dreams”, so people sometimes wonder why we lead an annual adult trip. After our first teen trip we had several (half serious) request from parents. “Can I go?”