RECOGNITION:We are proud of the recognition we have received for our work, locally and nationally. In June of 2019 the Maya Gold Foundation received the Beacon Peace Award. Inspired by Pete Seeger’s vision for peace and social justice, the Beacon Peace Award is presented each year to an organization working towards improving life in the


ABOUT:When we co-founded the Maya Gold Foundation in 2015 and developed the mission, we had no idea where we would be eight years later. We had no idea that the Maya Gold Foundation would offer programming to over a thousand young people and adults in the Hudson Valley, that we would produce two concerts, screen

Adult Trip to Nepal

Heart of Gold Adventures 2019 Adult Trip Why an adult trip to Nepal? Our mission is to “empower youth to access their inner wisdom and realize their dreams”, so people sometimes wonder why we lead an annual adult trip. After our first teen trip we had several (half serious) request from parents. “Can I go?”

Strategic Plan

Find out more about our strategic plan, core values, core purpose and ten-year goal here. STRATEGIC PLAN:With a generous grant from the Omega Institute in 2016, our Board of Directors met at the Omega Campus for a Strategic Planning Retreat. Over the course of three days we developed our first Strategic Plan, which guides our


ABOUT:We publish a monthly e-newsletter, ROCA, and distribute to our mailing list. ROCA includes timely updates on new programs, events, and grant opportunities. Why “ROCA”? At Maya’s funeral, her friend Ana told a story. We used the story as the inspiration for our newsletter: “This past summer, you and I met up at the Omega