Part of the work of the Maya Gold Foundation is the support of young people in Nepal.  Why?  Maya had a vision to travel to Nepal and volunteer in an orphanage after high school. As a freshman in high school she read a book that moved her deeply, Sold, and prior to that she was very interested in Malala Yousafzi and her work.  In addition, a visit to India in 2014 was transformative; it gave Maya a first-hand experience that changed her view of the world.  The foundation is working to provide assistance to youth in Nepal in a meaningful, lasting way. Rather than attempt to deliver services directly as an NGO in Nepal, we are now working with the Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) to support existing programs in Nepal.

Funds have been donated to NYF to support three young people in Nepal right now.  Two freed Kamaris will receive education for a year through our sponsorship, and one young orphaned child will receive food, clothing, shelter and healthcare for a year.


Freed Kamlaris enrolled in college and vocational training programs through the Nepal Youth Foundation.  Learn more here.

K House

Young people live and learn at K House in Kathmandu.  Learn more here.


Board member Kaline Kelly visited K House in Kathmandu.

As our programs grow we will expand our support of young people in Nepal through NYF and other NGO’s in Nepal.

View the videos below to get a sense of the work being done by NYF.